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Foredom Power Carving Tools

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There are more than a few choices on the market today for doing carving on your bonsai. A few common choices would be Dremel for fine carving. Makita to accommodate large bits for carving on your über bonsai. All are adequate, yet lacking as anyone who carves a lot knows.
Foredom offers one tool to handle the finest burs, as well as having the ability to give you the mega cutting power of a Samuri type bit. Its versatility doesn't stop there. Foredom's foot peddle control and small hand piece attachments will allow unprecedented control as you work deadwood around living tissue. This is a must for delicate detail work. Lastly Foredom's drive motor and components will far out last all other hand held carving tools. So why pay more for multiple tools, when you can get the best tool for the job for a whole lot less.
We have broken Foredom up into three pages, KITS, ACCESSORIES, and PARTS.



Foredom Parts

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