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Today more and more bonsai enthusiasts are turning to propagating there own material. Traditionally bonsai supply stores have passed over this growing section of the bonsai community. Well no more! Shady Side Bonsai recognizes the need for  these materials to be supplied by a company that understands what the bonsai propagator's end result will be and his specific needs.
Below is a basic but diversified offering of supplies to start you off down the road of propagation. Everything from hormones to grafting knives is included in this extensive list. To start we suggest the bible of propagation. Dr. Micheal Dirr's The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation.
To learn more on propagation please check our knowledge base.


The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation
For most this is the propagator's bible. The book covers most species, and specific concentrations for rooting hormones are specified. This is invaluable information since for many plants there is an optimal concentration and using a higher or lower concentration reduces rooting success rates as well as root development.
Dr. Dirr has done all the research and you reap all the rewards. His conclusions are backed up by many scientific studies by various individuals and groups. The first part gives a summary of the different propagation methods and the second part has very detailed data on specific species.
If you are serious about creating your own bonsai material. This is a worthwhile and wise investment


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Rooting Hormone

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