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Put a fine edge on all your bonsai tools!

For a long time Shady Side Bonsai has offered sharpening and alignment services to our local customers. We have decided to expand that service to all our customers near and far.
A sharp clean edge on a bonsai tool is essential for you to do the correct job. Not only is it horticultural sound but it is a must for aesthetic reasons. A dull or misaligned tool can minimize all the hard work you put into your tree. This valuable service will extend the life of your tool and protect your investment as well.
The service is a simple and basic one. Shady Side will sharpen, align, buff and polish any bonsai related tool that you send us. Each tool is evaluated individually for what needs it may require. Such as filing, sharpening, honing, and alignment of tools. After the cutting edges are serviced all tools are buffed with jewelers rouge to rid the tool of rust and bring back its original luster. The final step is to oil each tool to protect it from the elements.
1 through 5 tools                                   $9.50 (each)
Anyone tool after 5th                             $6.50 (each)
Free return shipping via priority mail on any service request of 8 tools or more. Otherwise include $9.00 dollars for return postage.
For service,  package your tools and include a check or money order payable for the correct quantity of tools and postage if applicable to Shady SIde Bonsai. (example: 4 tools x 9.50 = 38.00 + 9.00 return shipping for a total of $47.00)  Include a note with your return address, email, and phone number. Include all these items in your package which should be addressed to:
Shady Side Bonsai
2435 Valley Road
Glen Rock, PA., 17327
Attn: Sharpening Dept.
Turn around time averages approximately a week on this service. If you have any questions or are unsure if a tool is repairable please contact us.

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