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Shady Side Bonsai is proud to offer Colin Lewis's own bonsai soil blend. We can now provide you with this  master/teacher's own personal bonsai soil blends for deciduious trees, conifers, and junipers. He has  perfected these recipes over 30 years of bonsai practice. Learn more....
We are also providing soil components for you to make your own soil mix as well. We have listened to our customer base, and gone to the far corners of the world to bring you those requested ingredients. We sell in orginal bulk bags or in smaller money saving quanities.
Shady Side Bonsai is happy to provide a soil making service for your own recipe. This can be a money and time saving method for you. Instead of buying bulk ingredients. We only charge you for the refined ingredients that are used in your recipe. You maybe suprised at how much you pay for waste. This method is also invaluable if you have a lot of bonsai to pot, with only a few precious hours in the day. It's the next best thing to having your own apprentice. This service can be utilized by using the request form and sending us the recipe of ingredients and quantities. We will respond to you with a confirmation of ingredients, quantities, and price.
Shady Side Bonsai hand washs, sifts, and size selects all the ingredients in our soil mixes we make for our customers, as well as Colin Lewis's soil blends. So have the peace of mind, that the well being of your bonsai masterpiece is as important to us as it is to you.

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