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Lime Sulphur

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White Lightning  - Lime Sulphur Solution

Lime Sulphur is a chemical liquid used to whiten Jin and Shari on Bonsai. This cosmetic procedure gives the deadwood a more convincing and believeable appearance, that the wood has been weathered for ages. Simply brush it on with a craft brush being careful to not get the solution on any live tissue. Let it dry in the sun for a few days and the yellowish tint will turn into that aged white color that all artists desire.
Lime Sulphur outside the bonsai world is used as a dormant spray. Primarily used in California to treat fruit trees.You can also use this product as winter dormant spray for your bonsai. Save money on your bonsai supplies and let this product multi-task for you.
White Lightning Lime Sulphur solution is part of the Shady Side Bonsai Health Care Product Line. We are proud to bring this to you in our economical 16 ounce bottle.

TIP:    Before applying Lime-Sulphur
          wet the deadwood to be treated,
          with warm water preferably. This
          will allow the lime-sulpur solution
          to penetrate and give you a better

lime sulpher

White Lightning
16 ounce

white lightning lime sulpher for bonsai

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