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Spagnum Moss

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Angel Moss 

What is Angel Moss, and why are we offering it? 
This spagnum moss originates from
New Zealand. Angel Moss a species of
Natural Sphagnum Moss (sphagnum christatum) with remarkable characteristics - most notably its high
moisture retention and effective antibacterial action.
So you may be asking yourself, why
are they offering spagnum moss? I can run down to my garden center
and pick some "spag" up there!
We are offering this product for
primarily two reasons.The first being, we found this product when we were newly potting some of our Yamadori. Their survival was questionable, due to poor root balls when collected. We had heard of this type of spagnum and
decided to use it. We chopped the spagnum up and mixed it into the soil. We also put a coating over the top of the pot. The results were amazing. It made us believers in the claims of this moss. The second reason is, its size. We found this small 4x5x1.5 package ideal when we traveled to workshops, club meetings, and demos. Its small size made it easy to pack away. Yet yield about 410 cubic inches or about 2 gallons of spagnum when saturated. Need just a small bit? Just break what you need off the brick. If you need the whole thing? Just dunk the whole brick in some water. We promise that you will love this product due to its properties and ease of use.

angel moss for bonsai
Angel Moss
Mini Pack
410 ci

Constructed like a big sponge, Angel Moss absorbs water and freely releases it to plants. Angel Moss can hold up to 20 times its own weight in water which means 1lb of dry Angel Moss can hold up to 2 gallons of water. Angel Moss has a high exchange capacity which is to say that it has the ability to transfer fluids and nutrients extremely well.

The acidity of Angel Moss inhibits most bacterial growth. It is regarded as being a sterile medium that is naturally Aseptic which means it contains no bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms. It contains a natural antibiotic called ‘Tropolene' which prevents the growth of micro-organisms.

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