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NubarkTM Natural Pruning Paste

NuBark Natural Pruning Paste is designed to protect plant tissue and hasten the healing of plant wounds resulting from pruning or other physical injuries. They contain a homogenous blend of ingredients including lanolin, beeswax and other natural compounds. Scientific research shows that lanolin promotes healing by preventing drying and dieback, whereas petroleum-based products contain a high percentage of toxic compounds which kill living cells near the margin of the wound. Not to mention the messy almost permanent stain that pertroleum based pruning pastes and ointments leave behind.

When you prune your bonsai , the plant is effectively injured. A process of damage containment and repair begins. This includes a collapse of the damaged cells at the cut surface, which reduces the "bleeding" from the wound.

Drying of the exposed surface now begins. The drying is not confined to the surface layer of the cells. Often, cells dry back into the wound. 

NuBark's strong protective seal allows the healing process to begin closer to the cut surface, hastening the healing action. A reduction in dessication aids your tree by allowing it to maintain levels of moisture closer to the wound site. These cells can then stay alive and start multiplying sooner to form callus tissue that grows and eventually covers the surface of the wound.

Nubark cut paste for bonsai
8 Ounce

Sold Out

NuBark's protective seal provides a barrier to invading insects such as borers which are attracted to the plant's sap. Without NuBark the insects could burrow into the bark or wood, which would damage additional tissue and reduce the healing rate. NuBark can reduce your trees vulnerability to disease by preventing pathogens, such as fungi and bacteria, from entering the wound

TIP:     When using cut paste,
           wet your fingers to keep
           the paste from adhereing
           to them.

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