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NPK 6:6:6

Perfectly balanced organic fertilizer for bonsai.

"I used Green Dream 6:6:6 in the UK for over fifteen years with spectacular results!"

Colin Lewis

Unlike imported organic pellets that persist for months without breaking down, Green Dream is designed to release most of its nutrients over a period of four to six weeks, giving your trees the nutrients they need when they need it.

Also, unlike those bland innocuous imports, Green Dream is a truly active organic composite: it "smells organic", it grows mould when it rains, it provides nourishment in a readily acceptable form with the help of valuable micro-organisms.

Try Green Dream and within a month you'll be astounded at the performance of your trees!

We recommended this product for outdoor use only.

Green Dream in the UK available from Kaizen Bonsai

green dream bonsai fertilizer

bonsai fertilizer
2 lb. Bag 

TIP:    Don't want that organic
          look and smell? Simply
          apply a top dressing of
          lava rock. When its time
          to refertilize. Scrape the
          lava off to the side. Apply
          Green Dream and reapply
          the lava rock.

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