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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why should I order my pots through you and not directly through Erin Pottery?

A: You are the client, and you may always order your pots as you wish. However, we have stock on hand. You can view style, size, and glaze first hand before you purchase. This can be done through virtual methods. Visiting us at a show, or if your local you can schedule an appointment with us to have a truly up close appraisal. The biggest advantage for US residents buying from Shady Side Bonsai is the high cost of shipping if you purchase Erin Pottery directly. This is one of the reasons why Erin Pottery decided to use a US distributor. Since we have such frequent shipments the average cost per pot is brought down. Our highly diversified pot inventory also allows you to buy now and save in time and money. We also think that having someone on this side of the pond to help and represent you is a big PLUS.

Q: What happens if you receive purchase requests for the same one of a kind pot, that's in your inventory, from several different people at the same time?

A: In the very unlikely event that happens. We would work off of the date stamp on your email or shopping cart. The earliest date stamp would take precedence. The later date stamped email or shopping cart clients would be immediately informed. These clients would have their money, if paid, refunded immediately or have there choice to have the money applied to another item.

Q: Will you custom make a soil to my specifications?

A: Yes, we will from any of the soil ingredients we offer. We request that you give us written instructions as to what ingredients you wish and their proportions. By having us make your soil you save on not having to buy ,for an example, a whole bag of akadama when you only needed half. Custom soil mixes come in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers only.

Q: What is the difference between a standard pot and a hand-built pot?

A: A hand-built pot is what it suggests. It is a pot that is built to your design specifications. It is unique and one of a kind. Standard pots are more straight foreward. The styles and sizes are preset. The only variable is glaze (finish) which you choose from one of the standard glaze codes. This unique feature gives you more choices and in turn makes the pot special.

Q: Will you make custom length rolls of copper training wire?

A: Yes, written notice of lengths are required specifying size and length. Minimum roll length is 25ft.

Q: Why are their no published prices on your website for Standard pots or Hand-built pots?

A: Hand-built pots are quoted when the design is complete. These prices are determined by Erin Pottery artist Vic Harris. Normally no two prices are the same being a custom pot. Standard pot prices are not quoted, because we can not fortell what the exchange rate will be for the US dollar and the British pound. These pots will be quoted when ordered. This being the fairest way for both you and ourselves


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