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For the propagator or tropical lover here is a wide vareity of lamps and grow mats to meet every budget. We chose the best in each catagory and some that we use ourselves, out of hundreds that are listed. If perchance you don't see what you want contact us and we can get it for you.

Propagation Heat Mat
We chose this commercial grade heavy rubber 22" x 60" grow mat to give you years of dependable use, its nearly in destructible.
Mat Size 22" x 60"
is 5 1020 flats
200 watts @ 120 volts
A thermostat is required
$ 139.95

Propagation Heat Mat
This commercial grade 22" x 22" grow mat is just under half the size of its big brother. It also will give you years of dependable use.
Mat 22" x 22"
Capacity 2 - 1020 flats
200 watts @ 120 volts


Propagation Heat Mat Controllers
  • Cord 6 ft. with series tap plug
  • Heavy duty construction 
  • For use with up to 2 mats with plug adapter
  • 20V - 720W - 8A RES. 1/6 HP IND.


  •  Cord 6 ft. with series tap plug
  • heavy duty construction  w/ pilot light
  • For use with up to 4 MATS
  • 120V - 1500W - 12.5A RES. 1/6 HP IND.
GC1 - $70.00

GC4 - $104.95


Economy Propagation Heat Mat

We offer this economy Jiffy-Gro Heat Mat from the makers of Jiffy Pots and Jiffy Mix. Suitable for small propagation projects when you start. Contains one mat, size 18.375" x 8.5"

  • Germinates seeds faster
  • Increases seedling and cutting success
  • Fits under most common seed trays
  • Waterproof construction
  • Light, watering and planting information on mat
  • Automatically warms roots to 10-20F over ambient Temp.
  • 6 foot power cord 


AGRITAPE is the best source of bottom heat available due to its design, flexibility, durability,performance and relative low cost. Agritape provides you the ability to customize your propagation area. Simple to install, Agritape has two copper wires bonded in mylar film. This 11" wide mat can be placed under pots or buried in the soil before planting in beds. After installation cover the tape with the aluminum screen and ground it to the control. The control unit has a thermostat with 5 foot lead.

Installation procedure for Agritape:
1. Choose the amount of tape and screen needed
2. Space tape on the bench or pot
3. Place screen over tape and ground to control
4. Set control to desired temp and plug in...your in business.
Tape is sold by the foot @ $7.75 a foot
Aluminum Screen is sold by the square foot @ $0.79
Tip: Styrofoam insulation beneath Agritape increases efficiency and reduces operational cost.
Tape @ $7.75 per foot

Alum. Screen @ $0.79 a Sq. foot

Agritape Control Unit
Two units two choose from:
A - 13 amp controller
B - 20 amp controller
A - $105.95

B - $132.95

Sun Blaze® T5 24, 44 & 48 Light Fixtures
  • Advanced reflector design offers excellent reflectivity & diffusion
  • White powder coated steel housing
  • Wire cable hangers included with every fixture.(Hang horizontally or vertically)
  • 12 foot power cord & on/off switch allows for easy operation
  • Louvered for cool operation
  • High output lamps have an extremely high lumen per watt rating
  • Each 4' (54 watt lamp) has 5,000 lumens
  • 3000° K (red) and 6500° K (blue) lamps are available
  • Purchase your choice of lamps separately
  • Run on 120 volt power only

A - Dimensions 44 Fixture:47”L-10”W-2½”H
B - Dimensions 48 Fixture:47”L-17½”W-2½”H
C - Dimensions 24 Fixture:23¼”L-10”W-2½”H

A- $106.95

B - $151.95

C - $241.95

These high quality T5 HO lamps are excellent for all indoor applications. Use the color of your choice for the growth phase of your plants. Mix & match for a full spectrum effect. 5,000 lumens each.
A -T5 54W HO Lamp Red 3000° K 4ft.
B - T5 54W HO Lamp Blue 6500° K 4ft.

A - $12.95

B - $12.95

Sun System® 4 Small Enclosed Ballast Systems

Perfect for Cuttings, Seed, Orchids, and  House plants or for growers on a budget. Now 175 watt MH & 150 watt HPS available 

  • Energy efficient - but delivers the high output that H.I.D. lights provide... MH 175 = 13,500 lumens / HPS 150 = 16,000 lumens (Note: as a reference point - a 100 watt incandescent lamp emits 1,260 lumens)
  • Steel powder coated housing
  • 8 foot grounded power cord
  • Medium base socket
  • Chrome wire mounting hangers
  • 95% reflective German aluminum interior
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fixtures are priced without lamps. Please purchase your choice of lamps separately
  • Please Note: This fixture uses only medium base lamps
  • Dimensions: 15” Long x 9½” Wide x 5¾” Tall

A - 150 Watt - High Pressure Sodium
B - 175 Watt - Metal Halide
C - Sun System® 4 Glass

A - $161.95

B - $161.95

C - $13.95

Which lamp is best for your growing needs? METAL HALIDE LAMPS - This type of light is blue-orientated in the spectrum. It is the best type of light to be used as a primary light source (if no or little natural sunlight is available). This type of lamp promotes plant growth. HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM LAMPS - These lamps are red/orange in the spectrum. They are the best lamps available for secondary or supplementary lighting (used in conjunction with natural sunlight). This type of light promotes flowering / budding in plants. It is ideal for Greenhouses / Commercial growing applications. CONVERSION LAMPS - A). Sodium Lamps which run on halide ballasts -more common. B). Halide Lamps which run on sodium ballasts. This type of lamp allows you to tailor the light source to the growth stage of the plant (halide blue light for growth and sodium red light for flowering/budding) by merely by changing lamps. FLUORESCENT - This type of light is perfect for cuttings and seedlings.
Lamps with * behind them are suitable for Sun System® 4

HORTILUX™ Metal Halide provides optimum spectral energy required for vegetative growth. Our basic Metal Halide series provides high initial and maintained lumen output. These lamps are 100% lead free.

Hortilux™ Metal Halide

A - M400/HOR/HTL 39,000 Lumens*
B - M1000B/U/BT37/HTL 110,000 Lumens


Metal Ace™ conversion lamps are Metal Halide lamps that operate on High Pressure Sodium systems. A one-dimensional Lighting System is easily and economically converted into a complete (Metal Halide / HPS) growing system that provides the full range of spectral energy required for all stages of plant growth and development. These lamps are 100% lead free.

Hortilux™ Metal Halide Conversion

C - M400LU/HTL 36,600 Lumens


A- $69.95

B - $84.95

C - $89.95


Hydrofarm Compact Fluorescent System

Hydrofarm compact fluorescent grow light fixture is low profile to fit tight places. It handles up to 200 watt bulbs.

It weighs less that 10 pounds and is easy to hang with the included "V" hangers. Comes with Hydrofarm's 1 year warranty.

The Hydrofarm compact fluorescent fixture has a convenient on/off switch and can handle an optional glass lens to help protect the unit from dirt and water. Standard 8' foot grounded power cord included.

Bulb included! Choose a 125 watt cool (6500K) compact fluorescent bulb, or a 125 watt warm (2700k) compact fluorescent bulb.

Dimensions: 19.4" long x 12.2" wide x 6.8" tall (including hangers!)  

A - Hydrofarm CF System - 125 watt cool bulb

B - Hydrofarm CF System - 125 watt warm bulb

C - Hydrofarm CF glass lens

A - $154.95

B - $154.95

C - $12.95

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