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Electronic Misting Controller
Some of the earliest difficulties and problems encountered with the use of mist systems were : To control the misting cycle according to weather conditions. Too much water promotes disease and wastes water. Too Little water causes leaves to wilt and failure to root. For best results it was concluded- Control of misting cycles should depend on rate of evaporation which can vary with any change in the weather. Any successful system should be simple and dependable without the necessity of adjusting timing devices. The electronic misting propagation system has eliminated all these difficulties and has incorporated all the essential features the grower wants and needs in a mist propagation system.
No clocks to adjust 
Works on the weight of water 
Start cuttings or seed in a propagating mix 
Can be left on unattended day and night
How it Works
A special stainless steel screen when dry raises up. When this happens, it throws the mercury switch which opens the solenoid valve and starts the misting cycle. When this stainless steel screen accumulates enough mist the weight of the water drops it down, shutting off the mercury switch, closing the solenoid valve. It needs practically no care or maintenance and can be left on day and night. It is the simplest and most foolproof misting system ever devised


Flora Mist Nozzles
This all brass nozzle will give you a fog like mist distributed in a circular pattern. The nozzle can be fitted in 1/2 or 3/4 inch PVC pipe. Just use the cement-able saddles that take the 1/8 PT nozzle when using PVC. Covers 4 to 6 feet when operated at optimal water pressure of 35 to 40 psi.
A - 1/32 x 1/8 NPT (8.5 gph @35psi)
B- .020 x 1/8 NPT (4.0 gph @ 35psi)
A - $3.25

B - $3.25

Flora Mist Saddles
These specially design saddles are made for the Flora Mist nozzles. They come for 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch PVC. Simply drill a hole in the PVC where you want your nozzle and cement the saddle in. No Fuss, No Muss. Screw the nozzle in and your ready to go.
A - 1/2 inch saddle
B - 3/4 inch saddle
A- $1.75

B - $1.75

Solenoid Valve
This valve is what the electronic misting controller tells what to do. Shutting on and off the water valve when the controller tells it to.

The Seedling Nozzle allows you to water fragile plants, delicate seedlings or plant cuttings. This high-quality nozzle produces an extra fine, hollow cone mist pattern and sprays 1/2 gallon of water per minute. Made  from solid brass. 3/4 hose threads.


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