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A basic offering of grafting supplies that should be in every propagation tool box.

Genuine Trowbridge's, the oldest and best-known grafting wax on the market. The use of grafting wax creates an airtight waterproof seal while grafting. Seals grafts and keeps stems from drying out. Helps new grafts resist disease.
Apply with brush, melting pot or just the warmth of your hands.
TIP: After applying the grafting tape. Bind a bit of wet sphagnum over the wax with more grafting tape. Fasten a small plastic bag over the graft and the sphagnum will keep your graft moist.

One pound brick

Parafilm Grafting Tape.
An economical, fast and easy-to-use product that makes plant grafting and budding efforts a breeze to use. Apply the tape over the usual grafting rubber or wax normally used to hold the union secure until the graft takes hold. 
This tape can also be utilized as a cover/protecting bandage when using a splint for broken/cracked branches, twigs. It is also great to use it to hold the soil and roots for root over rock Bonsai designs. It is waterproof, flexible, stretchable and self-adhering. It allows gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) to pass through, yet offers an excellent moisture barrier. The combination is perfect for grafting which requires a barrier to keep moisture in while allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through. This product is far superior to the vinyl and plastics passing themselves of as grafting tape.

1/2 x 90 Roll

Tina knives for years have produced the highest quality knives for grafting. If you want the best, no need to shop further. It is well know fact that Tina cutlery needs less resharpening which saves valuable time and promises a perfect cut every time.
This knife is the most popular of the Tina grafting knives.
  • Folding 2 1/2" blade
  • 4" polished walnut handle
  • Available in right or left hand use
  • All purpose knife
    Right Hand Grafting Knife

    Left Hand Grafting Knife

    This Victorinox budding knives is constructed with quality Swiss stainless steel blades. The pricing on these quality knives is held down by the inexpensive, but durable, black nylon handles that hold the blades. Also these knives do not offer the same long lasting edge of the Tina knives but they do deliver good performance for the price.

    This knife is excellent all purpose budding knife. It has a 2" straight blade with a separate 1 1/4" solid brass bark opener for bud grafting.


    Graft Knife w/ Bud Tool

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